Diamond Ranch Mission Statement

“Our ranch aims to produce great performance show horses, reined cow horses, and all-around ranch horses. All our horses are bred, born, raised, and trained here on our ranch just north of Decatur, Texas.”

Whether you’re in the market for a well-bred performance horse, dreaming of training your horse to excel in competitions, or just getting into the sport of horseback riding, Diamond Magic Ranch has what you need! Horse owner services include boarding, training, and Texas-bred horses for sale. Riding classes and non-competitive horse training are available as well!


Diamond Magic Ranch is proud to offer classes that range from beginners’ riding lessons to professional-level show training. Our state-of-the-art facility has everything you need; even horses if you’re only looking to learn a new talent! Take a look at the list of available lessons below, or call for advice about what’s right for you!

Beginner Riding

This is a basic course for absolute beginners to learn to ride and handle a horse at a common level.

*Competition-level lessons are programmed according to the rules and regulations of the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association), NRCHA (National Reined Cow Horse Association) and SHOT (Stock Horse of Texas).

Intermediate Riding/Ranch Riding

This course will teach you to communicate with your horse and train for performance competitions. You and your horse will be prepped for Ranch Riding competitions which involve fluid motions, smooth transitions, balance and grace, and an overall obedient and disciplined temperament.

Ranch Reigning

Similar to Riding, Reigning is a competition of obedience in structure and discipline. Your horse will learn to obey specific commands in the same fashion as Riding commands, with added structure and quicker, sharper transitions.

Ranch Trail

Another class of show horse competition is the Ranch Trail. Following the pattern of obedience and form, your horse will encounter a variety of obstacles during daily rides. You and your horse must communicate well to learn how to interact with each one correctly and efficiently.

Ranch Cutting and Cow Work

This session of training focuses on a horse’s ability to single out and command a cow. You will learn to separate, or “cut,” a cow from its herd, hold it in position, box it into an area, and set it up to be driven to another area. You and your horse will work as a team to master these tasks and to learn roping techniques.


During your horse’s stay at Diamond Magic Ranch, professional and loving staff members will ensure quality care. For scheduling and pricing options, call, email, or message on Facebook!

Performance Horses for Sale

“Diamond Magic Ranch breeds raises, and sells ideal Ranch horses with performance in SHOT,AQHA, and NRCH in mind.”

For more information about classes, boarding options, or available horses, call us or fill out the contact form.